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Single Shot Oil Lubrication System

Home Lubrication Systems Single Shot Oil Lubrication System

Cenlub Systems Single shot centralised oil lubrication system is an efficient, safe method by which a predetermined amount of oil is delivered to various lubrication points of a machine from one central source. It is a total loss system and does not require any return line for collection of oil.


  1. Prolonged life of machine
  2. More production
  3. More reliability
  4. No human error
  5. Optimum lubricant to each point
  6. Less consumption of lubricant
  7. Low noise level
  8. Less power consumption
  9. Less wear & tear
  10. Safe. No need to stop machine

Can be used on various machines such as Machine Tools, Textile Machines, Die Casting Machines, Sheet Metal Working Machines, Shearing and Press Brakes, Metal Forming Machines, Rubber Mixing Machines, Printing Machines, Injection/Blow Moulding Machines, Presses and Hammers, Packaging Equipment, Pharmaceuticals Machines, Food Processing Equipment etc.