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Progressive Lubrication System

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The Cenlub Systems Progressive System is simple to operate and is a cost effective method of centralizing and automating the lubrication of industrial machinery and plants.

A simple progressive system consists of a pump and a distributor block. The distributor block (called as progressive block) will dispense the lubricant in measured amount directly in the lube points through the feed lines. The visual indicator pin on the progressive block confirms the delivery of lubricant. The pin moves in and out in each cycle of the lubricant delivery.

System can be operated by a manual, motorized or pneumatic pump.

The complete system can be automated by incorporating a controller. The pump will be activated at regular intervals for fixed number of lubrication cycles while the production machine is in operation. Progressive Block will dispense small measured amounts of lubricant in each and every cycle.

Progressive Systems are used for continuous as well as time based intermittent lubrication.

These are widely used in machines at steel plants, paper plants, heavy-duty power presses, printing machines, textile machines, packaging machines, metal working, material handling equipments, injection moulding machines, mobile equipments, chassis lubrication etc.

Advantages of Progressive System:

1. Exact amount of lubricant based on

  ​         a) Positive metering per cycle

           b) Cycle count based lubrication time

2. Positive Lubrication - Indication of failure (group-wise)

          a) Visual Indication

          b) Remote sensing using monitoring switch

3. Lubricant Flow Indication

Any kind of system blockage is sensed by any of the following methods -

1. By sensing rise in pressure.

2. By observing to and fro motion of indicating pin.

3. By monitoring switch.