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Multi-Line Lubrication System

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Multi-Line Lubrication Systems are used for Centralised Lubrication of machines like: Rolling Mills, Calendering Machines, Sugar machines. Cement Machines, Hydro Turbines, Stone Crushers, Forging Hammers etc. They are very simple in design and require little maintenance. These type of lubricators are fitted on a machine suitably and are connected to the lubrication points by means of welded/seamless steel tubes, rubber hoses and compression type fittings & clamps.

The main element of various Multipoint Lubricators is pumping units–one for each point. Plunger of each pumping unit is given a reciprocating motion with the help of a cam. The cam itself rotates at suitable RPM by any machine shaft or with the help of an electric motor and a gear box. For grease lubricators, a deflector/ stirrer also rotates with cam. The helps in creating positive suction of great and minimises air trapping.

Lubricators driven by electric motors are normally run intermittently. For this purpose cycle timers are used which are available as per requirement.

Pumping units output is adjustable with maximum capacity of 0.25cc per stroke.