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Mino Injector System for Vehicle Lubrication

Home Lubrication Systems Mino Injector System for Vehicle Lubrication

MINOTMInjector type automatic greasing system is also called single line parallel type lubrication system. In this system the pump transfers the grease under pressure to the metering devices via the main line. These metering devices are called injectors. These injectors dispense a pre-set amount of grease per greasing cycle. Each injector is connected to one greasing point. Output of two injectors can be combined to be fed into one greasing point if the dose requirement is higher. The grease is then moved under pressure through the secondary lines to the greasing points.

By design, injector system works on intermittent basis. Each lube cycle consist of pressuring and venting cycles. During pressurizing cycle the injector dispenses grease to the grease point. During venting cycle the injector is recharged with grease for next greasing cycle. The injectors are connected on the main delivery line running across the length of the equipment.

The pump creates both pressurizing and venting cycle with the help of a vent valve and a pressures switch. When the main line pressure reaches a preset value the pump stops and vent valve opens. This releases the line pressure by releasing grease back to reservoir. A timer mounted in driver’s cabin controls the lubrication intervals and the working of the entire system.