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Lubrication Systems in Construction Industry

Home Application Lubrication Systems in Construction Industry

Automatic Greasing Systems in Construction Industry is still a new concept in Indian industry and is picking up. The application is developing mainly because of 4 factors:

  1. Use of more technically advanced and sophisticated equipments: These equipments have more number of and hard to access lubrication points which cannot be lubricated by conventional point to point lubrication method.
  2. High breakdown costs: Since the equipments used these days are more advanced and more expensive so is the associated downtime and spare costs.
  3. Manpower availability and cost: Manpower availability and cost is a big challenge faced by every industry these days. It’s more economical to employ an automatic system rather than dedicating a person for the job.
  4. Higher lubricant cost: Lubricants are getting costlier. Manual handling increases lubricant costs in 2 ways – wastage and contamination. Contaminated lubricant if supplied to machine parts can cause severe wear and tear and lead to breakdown.  

Our MinoTM range of automatic greasing systems for construction industry increases the life and overall productivity of the equipment, while reducing the labour costs associated with conventional method of point-by-point manual lubrication. It ensures that even the remotest and inaccessible lubrication points are covered from a single source point.

Advantages of MinoTM  Centralized Greasing Systems are:

  • 100% greasing
  • Increased uptime and profitability
  • Less wear
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More environmentally friendly

Applications - Batch Mixers, Concrete Pumps, Transit Mixers