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Progressive Blocks

Progressive Distributor Blocks are one of the most effective, reliable and foolproof distributors which are used in for lubrication. The feature that makes Cenlub Systems progressive so reliable is that if any of the lubrication point is blocked the entire Progressive Distributor Blocks stops functioning. With suitable monitoring device, this blockage is sensed and suitable warning is given to avoid running the machine without proper lubrication system. This way Cenlub Systems Progressive Blocks give a prior warning through which blockage can be detected and break downs can be avoided.

Common Applications

Steel Plants, Paper Plants, Heavy-Duty Power Presses, Printing Machines, Textile Machines, Packaging Machines, Metal Working, Material Handling Equipments, Injection Molding Machines, Mobile Equipments, Chassis Lubrication etc.

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Progressive Blocks are broadly classified in following series :

Series 3550 Series 3550

Technical Specifications
Series 4555 Series 4555

Technical Specifications
Series 6080 Series 6080

Technical Specifications
Series 3060 Series 3060

Technical Specifications