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Air Oil Mix System

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Air Oil Mix System

Cenlub Systems Air Oil Mix Systems are designed for applications where minute amount of metered lubricant is required to be applied on a surface.

The lubricant is metered using an oil injector and is carried to the mixing block where the air and oil get mixed. The air breaks the oil into minute droplets and carries it to the lubrication point. The mixture is then passed through the nozzles creating a fine spray of oil which can be applied on any surface.

Air oil mix systems are used for conveyors, high speed spindle, band saw machines etc.

The advantages of air oil mix system over conventional mist system are:

  • More reliable than conventional venturi type mist systems
  • More eco friendly
  • More easily controllable
  • No dripping

Common Applications

Conveyors, High Speed Spindle, Reclaimer

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Air Oil Mix System are broadly classified in following series :

Air Oil Mix System - Injector Type Air Oil Mix System - Injector Type

Technical Specifications