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Mobile Service Van/Mobile Lube Van

Series : With Generator

Cenlub System Lube Van provides much needed support to onsite engineers involved in construction, mining, etc to do preventive maintenance of heavy equipments. It is self sufficient in operation and is designed on 3 criteria – ease of operation, space maximization and reliability.

Lube Vans with Diesel Gensets are more more versatile than the non diesel generator ones. In addition to the normal activity of carrying out top up of oil/coolant of field equipment, washing and filling of tyres they can be used for running welding machine, lighting or any running any other electrical equipment. The diesel generator is the power source for driving all the electrical equipment in these vans. It also drives the compressor which provides air power to the pneumatic pumps installed to transfer the lubricants. Each pump is connected to a hose reel for respective lubricants via a set of fixed piping and flexible hoses. Dispensing guns are attached to each hose reel. A lifting device is also provided for handing of barrel, heavy components, etc. Working table with bench vice is present for conducting minor repair work in-house. Tyre Inflator arrangement is also provided. Additionally car washer, electrical tools and gas welding set can also be accomodated. Fire Extinguishers are provided for fire safety.

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