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Series : Banjo

We supply all the sizes of banjos required for lubrication. Banjos are typically used where space is a constraint and elbow cannot be fitted.

Qty Product Code Model Thread Size Outer Dia (OD)
C03101S00751 F-B-4/1/8"BSP 1/8" BSP 4 mm
C03101S00752 F-B-4/1/4”BSP 1/4" BSP 4 mm
C03101S00753 F-B-4/M10x1 M10x1 4 mm
C03101S00754 F-B-4/M5x0.8 M5x0.8 4 mm
C03101S00755 F-B-4/M6x1 M6x1 4 mm
C03101S00756 F-B-4/M8x1 M8x1 4 mm
C03101S00757 F-B-4/M6x0.75 M6x0.75 4 mm
C03101S00758 F-B-6/1/4”BSP 1/4" BSP 6 mm
C03101S00759 F-B-6/1/8”BSP 1/8" BSP 6 mm
C03101S00760 F-B-6/M10x1 M10x1 6 mm
C03101S00761 F-B-6/M8x1 M8x1 6 mm