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Clamps with Base Plate and Screw


Series : Clamps with Base Plate and Screw

There are several application where clamps cannot be screwed on the base plate or drilling/tapping is not allowed on base plate. These clamps come with a base plate which can be welded to base plate and clamping can be done.

Qty Product Code Model Outer Dia (OD) Type
C03001S00694 C-BP-4-1 4 mm For 1 Tube
C03001S00695 C-BP-4-2 4 mm For 2 Tubes
C03001S00696 C-BP-4-3 4 mm For 3 Tubes
C03001S00697 C-BP-4-4 4 mm For 4 Tubes
C03001S00698 C-BP-6-1 6 mm For 1 Tube
C03001S00699 C-BP-6-2 6 mm For 2 Tubes
C03001S00700 C-BP-6-3 6 mm For 3 Tubes
C03001S00701 C-BP-8-1 8 mm For 1 Tube
C03001S00702 C-BP-8-2 8 mm For 2 Tubes
C03001S00703 C-BP-8-4 8 mm For 4 Tubes
C03001S00704 C-BP-10-1 10 mm For 1 Tube
C03001S00705 C-BP-10-2 10 mm For 2 Tubes
C03001S00706 C-BP-12-1 12 mm For 1 Tube
C03001S00707 C-BP-15-1 15 mm For 1 Tube
C03001S00708 C-BP-20-1 20 mm For 1 Tube