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Manual Pumps

Series : Manual Oil Pumps

Economical, easy to use and simple to install Manual Oil Pumps.  These pumps are suitable for manual centralised lubrication system of light duty automatic machines such as small power presses, packing machines, die punching machines, milling machines, single spindle automats, looms, surface grinders, pouch filling machines etc. Normally these pumps are suitable for 2-40 lubrication points and used with metering cartridges for oil distribution.

Qty Product Code Model Reservoir Capacity Port Location Reservoir material Output per stroke
C02001S00565 H-250-4 0.25 litres Right Aluminium 4 cc
C02001S00566 H-600-6 0.6 litres Right Aluminium 6 cc
C02001S00567 H-1700-10 1.7 litres Right Aluminium 10 cc
C02001S00568 H-250-4-L 0.25 litres Left Aluminium 4 cc
C02001S00569 H-600-6-L 0.6 litres Left Aluminium 6 cc
C02001S00570 H-1700-10-L 1.7 litres Left Aluminium 10 cc
C02001S00571 H7 - litres - - 7 cc