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Tubes, Hoses and Pipes

Series : Nylon Tube

These are semi transparent flexible tube of material Nylon 6 and 12. These tubes are easy to work with. These are necessary for points, which have motion. To increase tubes life, these can be protected by suitable size of springs available with us one metre length. 

Qty Product Code Model Outer Dia (OD) Thickness Material
C02901S00665 NT6-4-1 4 mm 1.0 mm Nylon-6
C02901S00666 NT6-6-1 6 mm 1.0 mm Nylon-6
C02901S00667 NT6-8-1 8 mm 1.0 mm Nylon-6
C02901S00668 NT12-4-1 4 mm 1.0 mm Nylon-12
C02901S00669 NT-12-6-1 6 mm 1.0 mm Nylon-12
C02901S00670 NT12-10-1 10 mm 1.0 mm Nylon-12