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Series : Male Stud Elbow

We supply all the sizes of male stud elbows required for lubrication. Available in Brass, SS-304 and SS-316 also.

Qty Product Code Model Thread Size Outer Dia (OD)
C03101S00741 F-E-4T/1/4” BSP 1/4" BSPT 4 mm
C03101S00742 F-E-4T/1/4” UNF 1/4" UNF Taper 4 mm
C03101S00743 F-E-4T/1/8” BSP 1/8" BSPT 4 mm
C03101S00744 F-E-4T/M10 x 1 M10x1 Taper 4 mm
C03101S00745 F-E-4T/M8 x 1 M8x1 Taper 4 mm
C03101S00746 F-E-6T/1/8” BSP 1/8" BSPT 6 mm
C03101S00747 F-E-6T/M10x1 M10x1 Taper 6 mm
C03101S00748 F-E-6T/M6x1 M6x1 Taper 6 mm
C03101S00749 F-E-6T/M8x1 M8x1 Taper 6 mm
C03101S00750 F-E-6T/1/4” BSP 1/4" BSPT 6 mm